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       There is a planet in the distant Sirius system with the exact same biosphere as Earth in the Galaxy. It's a little planet, and the locals refer to it as " Shan-hai Land."

       People or creatures from another world are constantly trapped on the Spring beaches at some point. "The Sea Vistors," as the locals refer to them.

       Tian, the main character, is an Earthling who was unexpectedly transported to Shan-hai Land as a youngster and compelled to join a train in pursuit of a Stone that would allow him to return to the civilized world. As a result, like the majority of the other sea visitors who were also crossed over, he had little choice but to become a soul hunter.

       But, unlike most people, Tian carries the power of the Eight Diagrams as well as the strength of the chakras within his body, which is dragged forward by the universe's fate.

       The Journey begins at the start of Spring and concludes with the Great Cold. The game is rich in oriental Chinese cultural features, and players will confront not just fantastical animals from Shan Hai Jing, the fallen gods of the four seasons imprisoned in this world, but also numerous swordsmen with nefarious intentions as the voyage progresses. Also, to be able to immerse oneself in the stories of Chinese mythological figures as well as the unpredictable atmosphere,

      The game is a 3D action-adventure RPG. And the promotional video is still in production and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2023.

       Train of Samsara has the goal of sharing Chinese culture to the rest of the world while also allowing each player to experience the Yin and Yang of Sky and Land, Man and Ghost, Good and Evil.

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About Us

       We specialize in cosmic mythology and have a unique zeal and investigation in comprehending alien civilization and ancient Chinese culture. "Tin Gameworks" is a team of talents and professionals from all over the world.

       From the beginning, when the Sirius Nuwa tribe arrived in Cathysia to establish human civilization, until the current state of social civilization. We meet and congregate here as though we have gone through many soul reincarnations and are following the cosmic script. While completing the aim of acquiring Chinese culture, we hope each player can fully immerse themselves in the world of humans, gods, and ghosts, allowing them to experience the story and explore the world. And every good deed and effort you make will help you get closer to your ideal world.

       In the game of art, we revere the nature, face the unknown, and explore every possibility of cultural heritage.


Join Us

       Our world is far from flawless; every flower, every building, every sliver of sky, and even every plot and design require your assistance. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of professionals to join us in co-creating this universe.

       Academic degrees are irrelevant as long as you have previously completed profolios, a desire to discover the new, and, of course, a strong work ethic.

  • Art Director (concepts, characters, etc.)

    Job Description:

    1. Have autonomous and comprehensive game art thinking, build or optimize the visual art style in accordance with the game style.  
    2. Be able to lead or direct the design process autonomously. Responsible for scene original drawing modeling, concept art, character roles, object monoliths, and other original drawing design output with a variety of game art professional abilities.  
    3. Assisting with the outsourcing of related materials, as well as style and quality control.  
    4. Improve the art production process, build various tools to improve art production quality and efficiency;  
    5. Actively discuss game development advice and recommendations with the producer.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Enjoy single-player games and have a thorough understanding of the game art creation process;  
    2. Have at least two years of work experience, with three years of rendering art experience preferred;    
    3. Excellent learning ability; initiative to research or understand new technologies that can be applied to the job.  
    4. A game art enthusiast who can work well with others and cooperate. A serious demeanor and a strong sense of accountability.

    Those match the following criteria will be given priority:

    1. With prior managerial experience in an art team
    2. Senior game player (PC/Console)  
    3. Ancient Chinese culture analyst
    4. Aficionados of cold weapons, armor, and extraterrestrials.
    5. Fan of Ghibli Stuido

  • Animators

    Job Description:

    1. Design and production of 3D character animation, including game character operation animation, battle animation, and plot interlude animation.
    2. Using motion capture technology and a character background, recover and repair the subtleties of real-life character movement while also improving the aesthetics and rhythm.
    3. Collaborate with character artists and binders to fine-tune character animation for the maximum possible effect in the game.
    4. Research new technical solutions and tools with the help of our technician.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Be able to develop and produce various sorts of character movements (including bone binding, skinning, and so on) autonomously, as well as sort out the entire production process and specifications.
    2. Familiarity with the human body and biological structure, body shape, great sense of rhythm, martial arts action, and motion capture experience are preferable.
    3. Have a good ability to learn and take the initiative to investigate or discover new approaches that can be used to the job.
    4. Has a strong interest in game art and is able to work well with others. A serious demeanor and a strong sense of accountability

    Those match the following criteria will be given priority:

    1. Senior gamer (PC/console)
    2. Fimilar with martial arts
    3. Aficionados of cold weapons, armor, and extraterrestrials.

  • UE Application Development

    Job Description:

    1. Assist with the design and development of the game App, including game logic functions, framework construction, game core module development, and maintenance.
    2. Work with the PM and Artist to create a variety of fighting experience material and an UI system.
    3. Create a variety of planning and art tools.
    4. Strong contact with background development, planning, and design employees, in charge of game logic coding and debugging

    Job Requirements:

    1. C++ proficiency. Familiarity with the UE engine's architecture design;
    2. In-depth research on certain areas of game technology (such as Al, animation, and physics) is preferable, as as a broad knowledge structure (hardware architecture, operating systems, data structures, algorithms, design patterns, and so on).
    3. Have a good ability to learn and take the initiative to investigate or understand new technologies that can be applied to the job.
    4. Interested in learning more about program development, enjoys games, is able to work effectively with others, and a strong sense of responsibility.

    Those match the following criteria will be given priority:

    1. Extensive action/puzzle game experience, as well as a thorough grasp of action/puzzle games
    2. Deep understanding of synchronizing the game's network
    3. Aficionados of cold weapons, armor, and extraterrestrials.

  • TA Technical Artist

    Job Description:

    1. Create real-time graphic effects in the style of three generated cartoons in accordance with art standards, such as character rendering, coloring, natural environment, screen post-processing, and environmental interaction effects, among other things.
    2. In charge of coordinating communication across art programs and working with them to create the desired impact.
    3. Contribute to performance optimization, improve and optimize the project art workflow, and provide related art tools or plug-ins to increase efficiency and specs.
    4. Create design that achieves the projected computation of broken, cloth, smoke, and other high-quality animation effects that can be easily integrated into the engine.

    Job Requirements:

    1. C++ proficiency, real-time graphics expertise in this dyeing technique, and familiarity with the rendering pipeline
    2. With a good aesthetic sense and the ability to dig their answers to improve the screen's quality.
    3. Excellent English listening and reading skills, eager to learn new technologies in the business, and able to swiftly integrate into the project
    4. Eager to learn more about rendering program direction, enjoy games, be able to work effectively with others, have a serious attitude, and a strong sense of responsibility.

    Those match the following criteria will be given priority:

    1. Prior experience with triple rendering projects.
    2. Senior gamer (PC/console)
    3. Fan of Ghibli Stuido
    4. Aficionados of cold weapons, armor, and extraterrestrials.

  • 3D Scene Editor

    Job Description:

    1. Work with the art team and PM to produce 3D models and mapping wells that will be used to put together game-level scenes.
    2. Collaborate closely with the TA and other technical teams to create various art features as well as performance improvements;
    3. Responsible for scene art optimization and performance optimization, employing strong art experience to regulate the scene effect;
    4. Have good logic and art cognition on scene arrangement and object placement, etc., and complete the level building task in UE.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Sensitive to atmosphere production, as well as a high-precision scene model and its materials. Have a thorough understanding of high-resolution scene models and their material performance, as well as some self-generated design skills.
    2. Be able to create high-quality models, materials, and other art assets on their own, deconstruct and reconstruct levels based on level concept design, and even learn and experiment with level design.
    3. Excellent English listening and reading abilities, as well as a desire to learn new technologies in the sector and the ability to quickly integrate them into projects.
    4. Have a thorough comprehension of the 3 renderings 2 cartoon material project's final screen performance.
    5. Strong interest in scene and level creation, a passion for games, the ability to work effectively with others, a serious demeanor, and a strong feeling of responsibility.

    Those match the following criteria will be given priority:

    1. Senior gamer (PC/console)
    2. Fan of Ghibli Stuido
    3. Rich project experience in games
    4. Aficionados of cold weapons, armor, and extraterrestrials.

  • Sound Designer

    Job Description:

    1. Participate in the creation of audio technology for single-player games, such as game ancient music, environmental sound mimicry, sound effects production, audio integration, music distribution, and audio debugging.

    2. The development of basic audio functions, and the docking of gameplay.

    3. Development of panoramic sound function, as well as various editing tools, such as sequence audio editor and audio scene editing tools.

    4. Create a global sound library and plan it out.

    Job Requirements:

    1. With specific artistic aesthetics, sound simulation experience, and sound design creativity.
    2. Have excellent overall sound design ideas; Able to build a complete sound framework, and have excellent middleware technology for the introduction of the game engine.
    3. Excellent English listening and reading skills; eager to learn new industry technologies and able to quickly integrate them into projects.
    4. Mastering in the field of audio recording, editing and mixing.
    5. A strong interest in the development of audio technology, a passion for the game, the ability to collaborate with others, a serious attitude, and a strong sense of responsibility.

    Those match the following criteria will be given priority:

    1. Senior gamer (PC/console) , familiar with the game's audio and level design interactions.
    2. Skilled in the four major musical instruments: Vessel Flute, Sheng, Ocarina and Zither.
    3. Project experience with games in the ancient style
    4. Jean Hisaishi and Ryuichi Sakamoto fans
    5. Aficionados of cold weapons, armor, and extraterrestrials

We're also searching for people with a variety of skills in this field; if you're interested, please get in touch with us.

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       We will communicate with scholars and professors in related fields, collect and organize various documents, and write articles to be stored in the "Shan Hai Library," which will contain knowledge of Chinese culture related to games. The electronic library was created for the purposes of dissemination and inheritance. Allow those who are unfamiliar with it to learn about it, those who are interested to research it, and those who are knowledgeable about it to pass it on. There are many fascinating aspects of Chinese culture that should not be forgotten; they are real and we now have the opportunity to learn about them.

       There aren't many articles in the library right now, but we'll keep adding more. Also, this library may have errors due to my limited level of understanding and compilation abilities. We welcome any and all recommendations, and we'd love to invite professionals, scholars, and readers to help us finish the story. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read it and play our game.



Stay tuned, see you guys soon.